Grace Missions

Reaching across the globe with short term trips & long term support

We reach out to struggling communities in many different countries, partnering with the native church leadership to assist in the care and call that God has placed on their heart.  We do this with financial support, short term team missions trips, and special projects that don't fit into a mold.  Our goal is to be the hands and feet of God, and to do whatever He has asked us to do.

Grace Mission Trip Application

2021 missions conference

Our annual missions conference will be held March 1-7, 2021. Missionary, Bill Eddy will be our primary speaker. 

Watch for information including our "by reservation only" missions dinner on Friday evening.

Please pray for the missionaries supported by grace

Abu Saada, Tass - Hope for Ishmael - Jericho
AFE - Honduras

Bowen, Andy and Lizet - WGM - Paraguay
Butler, Nancy - WGM - American Indian Field - Arizona
Cann, Esther - OMS - Indiana
Cherene, Alfonso and Debee - YWAM - Spain
Christian Campus House - CCH - MU
Christian Prison Ministry of Mid-America - Christian Prison Ministry - Missouri

Cosby, David and Carol - OMS - Mexico
Cru - Northwest Missouri State University - Missouri

Davis, Crystal - Wycliffe - Papua New Guinea
Dayspring International - India
Eddy, Bill and Marie - Grace Covenant - Spain
Erwin, Mike and Jane - All India Missions - Arkansas
Far Reaching Ministry - Camel Corp - Sudan
Filter of Hope - Alabama
Garver, Mike - International Foundation - Washington D.C.
GO International
Good Shepherd Ministry - Brother Henry - India
Hagemeyer, Steve and Alesha - Pioneer Bible Translators - West Africa
Haupt, Michelle - Wycliffe - Tanzania
Haupt, Nicholle - Wycliffe - Tanzania
Hayslip, Joel and Heidi - Go to Nations - Niger
Houp, Ron and Kathy - GO International - Kentucky
Hurley, Jolene - Avant Ministry - Slovenia
Madsen, Paul and Ellie - RCE - Hungary
Manchester, Dr. Steve and Theresa - WGM - Kenya
Maxey, Jim and Connie - Giving Hope Ministry -Missouri
Montgomery, Eric and Pauline - Avant Ministry - India
Moroni, Allann and Stephy - YWAM - Spain
Morton, Jonathon & Lupita - Red Nueva Vida - (OMS) Mexico
Moxen, John and Jo - Project Evangelism - Northern Ireland
Neibling, Ed and Judy - Cru - Florida
Nold, Shelby and Sheree - MOA, Inc. - Missouri
NWMSU - Cru - Maryville, Missouri
Open Doors USA - World Wide – Persecuted Church
Orellana, Guido and Kimberley - OMS - Ecuador
Pearce, Fran - WGM - American Indian Field - Arizona
Pridey, Rick and Kindra - Cru - South Dakota
Reeves, Ryan and Monica - Cru - KC Metro
Samuel, Ebenezer - Serve India - India
Schmidt, Nathan and Amy - WGM - Bolivia
Schockey, Nolan and Marie - Servant Senders - Mexico
Shaw, Sam and Silvana - Reformed Evangelistic Fellowship - Northern Ireland

Show Me Christian Youth Home - Missouri
Stevens, David and Jody - CMDA - Tennessee
Summer, Linda - Agape Puppets - Georgia
Tressler, Devin and Casey - Cru - Missouri
Wagner, Ryan and Jamie - Cru - Jesus Film Project - Florida
Zingkhai, Jonathan and Khan - City Team Ministries - California