High Five Children's ministry

sunday 8:00am, 10:30am with sunday school resuming at 9:30am on January 3rd.

6:30pm is our midweek for kids!

Dear Friends, 

Over the past several months each of us have learned a great deal about COVID- 19.   Grace has taken measured steps to resume church services in addition to establishing an online presence to minister with God’s word.    

Challenging times have been met with creative solutions.  As a church body we recognize the importance of gathering in worship.   We have prayerfully considered opportunities to resume children's programming.    

The COVID –19 virus has impacted lives and has changed the landscape of how things operate.  We have had the opportunity to gain input from parents, reviewed guidelines and best practices being implemented by the Saint Joseph School District, and area churches within the city.     

With these considerations we have made plans to implement a modified kids church program.   The measures listed below in the High Five Children’s Program and Procedures are designed to promote the safety and welfare of kids and family while providing a sound learning experience.    


We understand that the changes being implemented are subject to opinion and may not meet all preferences.   We encourage families to not participate if they do not feel comfortable about guidelines being put into action.   All family participants will be requested to review and sign our High Five Children’s Program and Procedures consent waiver prior to engaging in Sunday morning children services.    


We will continue an online children’s ministry presence to reach families that opt not to attend Grace during this season of time.    

Pastor Dan Blakely


High Five Children’s Program and Procedures: 


Service Times: 8:00 am10:30 am on Sunday morning with Sunday School resuming at 9:30am beginning January 3rd, and 6:30pm, Wednesday Midweek.

Facility usage:  Due to limited capacity families will be encouraged to register their child(ren) in advance if capacity levels for a given service time are met consistently.  This will help us to ensure appropriate accommodations may be put in place.   

Check In/Out procedure:  Children will be checked in at the main Crosswalk entrance.   Children and families will exit using the west hallway and door when leaving for the day.   



Well screening: All children and volunteers will receive a temperature check prior to participating in programming.  Children will not be permitted with an active fever. 

Illness’: Any child that has had a fever, cold symptoms within 24 hours prior to service time are requested not to attend.   

Emerging illness:  If it appears that a child is not feeling well due to cold or flu like symptoms during a service parents will be notified immediately and expected to pick their child up.   



Facility changes: In order to decrease the transmission of germs all sinks and toilets in the children’s area have been converted to automated facilities. 

Hand sanitizer stations: Hand sanitizer stations will be available at the entrance of the Crosswalk kids church area, immediately outside bathrooms and at the exit. 


Social Distancing Strategies 


Instructors and Team members: are required to wear masks prior to instruction time.   Masks may be removed once children are at their designated table and instruction areas. 

Parents: Must wear masks entering the kid’s church area, while checking in and picking up their children. 

Children: Are not required to wear masks once seated at their designated area.  Those wearing masks at the request of their family will be supported.   

Family Grouping: Children will be encouraged to sit with their siblings.

Tables and assigned seating: All children will be assigned to a 6’ table with chairs.  2 students will be permitted to sit at each table.   Children within the same family group may exceed this number.  A maximum of 3 per table may be permitted under special circumstances.

Room usage:  Classrooms will have limited and posted attendance capacities.  Tables will not be used in the smaller classrooms.

No rotations: Children will not rotate from room to room during service times. 

High Five Children's Ministry (4yrs-6th Grade)

High Five Children’s Ministry seeks to help children (Pre K through 6th grade) to understand who God is and His plan for them through their faith as believers.  When children try to accomplish something that has taken a great deal of effort a high five to their open hand can mean a great deal.  It is a sign of recognition, encouragement, and acceptance. God is the eternal source of encouragement for us all.   God is the biggest giver of high fives that there could ever be.   His hands were held out on the cross, pierced for our transgressions, in love.

Crosswalk High Five

The Crosswalk has been designed as a city to demonstrate the uniqueness of God’s most special creation, His children. Each of us has been given gifts and talents to serve our Creator, for His purpose.

As believers, we must be united in our efforts as a church body to win the world for Jesus. By taking steps with Christ as our personal savior, together in our relationships with one another, the world may see and know Him. 

The Crosswalk incorporates many features aimed at instructing children, providing leadership opportunities, and welcoming the community into God’s neighborhood.

The Five Biblical Principles

The goal of High Five Ministries is to reach the lost and build the saved through 5 Basic biblical principles represented by an outstretched Hand.

Principle I: 

God is the Savior for the world. John 3:16-17

Principle II: 

God is our personal Savior and friend. Matthew 22:37

Principle III: 

We are all special in God’s eyes. Matthew 22:39

Principle IV: 

God and His word help us to make the right choices in life. Exodus 20:1-17

Principle V: 

We need to share God’s Love with everyone.    Matthew 28:19-20

Core Truths

We want children to know the following core truths revealed in scripture for each of us:

God Created You

God Loves You

God Has A Plan For You

God Has A Purpose For You

God Wants You To Live The Destiny He Has For You


Your child is important to us. On your first visit, we need the following personal information: parent/legal guardian names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for each child. This information is entered into our High Five database to help maintain our secure check-in system.


Your child’s safety is our first priority. All High Five volunteers pass a background check, and we employ an off-duty police officer as well as our own security team to ensure your child’s safety. We use a security tag system for child check-in and pick-up.